My New Podcasts

Since I’m no longer on GeekCast or RedHatBlueHat, I need a place to do my podcast thing.

So, here is the place for my new podcasts: I’ll be covering topics I’m interested in (which is a pretty wide ranging field) as well as interviews with people I think are interesting and want to have conversations with on certain timely or untimely subjects. There will be some “latest news” type stuff thrown in as well.

There’s a feed you can subscribe to if you just want to get the podcasts (same feed as the AffiliateFortuneCookies show if you were subscribed there) and could care less about the stuff I write here (although I’m sure there will be some overlap in content and topics).

I’m lumping some video in there as well, but most of the content will be audio in the old AffiliateFortuneCookies format I used to do.

Stay tuned (or subscribed, I guess)!

8 thoughts on “My New Podcasts”

  1. So was it musical differences or does someone have a Yoko? Look forward to your podcast, I miss 'em.

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