Dropbox Opens Up: Go Get It

One of my favorite “web2.0” startups in a long while has opened to the public…

Dropbox launches to the public! : The Dropbox Blog: “We’re excited to announce, after what’s been a long wait for many of the folks on our beta list, and a great launch at the TechCrunch50 conference in San Francisco, that Dropbox is finally publicly available for everyone to try. (Go get it!)”

Whether you are a techie early adopter like me or someone who likes to wait for things to shake out, I think you’ll like DropBox.

Basically, you install a little program on your Windows, Mac or Linux (how awesome!) machine and you can drag/drop files into it that are automagically (and quickly) synced up and accessible from anywhere or any machine via the web interface. There’s also an awesome iPhone custom site that works for the BlackBerry.

Initially, you get 2 gigs free, but there will be options for 50 gigs for $9.99 a month, which sounds great.

I keep waiting for Google to release the GDrive so that I can work across my Mac, Ubuntu and Asus eee boxes, but DropBox has quickly solved the problem.

In other words, go give it a spin.

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