Tor Free eBooks Coming Back!

While the awesome scifi book site was being refurbished, Tor was giving away top quality eBooks (and wallpapers based on new scifi art) to subscribers over the summer. Every Friday, I opened my inbox with glee to see what the new offering would be.

So, I’m glad to see the fine folks at Tor bringing it back:

More details next week–but yes, we plan to resume giving away selected e-books on, at least one title per month. To download them you’ll need to not just visit but register as a user; the downloads won’t be accessible until you do. Registering on the site takes maybe thirty seconds if you type particularly slowly…so Act Now, Act Without Thinking, get over to and create yourself a user account today.

If you’re a scifi fan, head over to and register… not just for the free eBooks, but for all the other great content and community they have going on there.

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