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YouTube Now #2 in Search: What Does That Mean for Affiliates?


YouTube has passed Yahoo to become the #2 search engine…

TG Daily – YouTube surpasses Yahoo as world’s #2 search engine: “ComScore’s most U.S. search engine Rankings for August 2008 suggest that YouTube achieves a greater level of search traffic than Yahoo. If you were to consider YouTube’s integrated search a regular search engine, you would have to hand Google the top two spots for search engine traffic. In combination, Google has about four times the search traffic of Yahoo and more than ten times the search traffic of Microsoft’s MSN sites.”

What does this mean for affiliates?

Here are three initial thoughts:

1) Affiliate marketers need to be supplementing content with video (hosted on YouTube).

2) Affiliates need to be making sure that their video endeavors are viewer and keyword friendly. In other words, although it is great to load up your videos with highly sought after terms, you also need to make your video enjoyable, memorable and personable. Are you not that interesting? Hire someone or start reading blogs about marketers using video (like Jim Kukral‘s).

3) Think outside the text paradigm and implement (YouTube hosted) video anywhere you can in your affiliate campaigns.

I know affiliate marketers who spend tens of thousands of dollars a day on Yahoo and MSN, which are now behind YouTube in terms of search volume. You might not have thousands of dollars to spend on search, but you do have the time and creativity to make good (and even viral) videos. Be creative and explore. You never know what will catch on.

Posted: 10.26.2008

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