Google Doesn’t Hate Your Blogging Platform


I saw, via FriendFeed, that Garry Conn had done a very informal “test” of how Google ranks its own Blogger blogging product over competitors such as by doing a simple search for “blog.”

Here are his results:

Does Google Hate WordPress and Other Blog Platforms?: “I don’t know why I did it, I guess I was just bored, but for some reason I decided to Google the term: blog to see what kind of results I would get. WordPress, TypePad or any other blog publishing platform is not mentioned on the first page results. In fact, the top ten results for the term blog have three instances that promote or have an direct affiliation with Google.”

The problem with this approach is that when I search for “blogs” using the same methodology as Garry, I get this:


Sure, you can draw the assumption that Google “hates” WordPress, Typepad (even though Seth Godin’s Typepad blog appears in Garry’s image), etc from doing a search for “blog” but does that really mean that Google puts its own Blogger product ahead of other blogging platforms in its results? Of course not. (or .org) blogs are incredibly popular and easily to rank high in Google as are Typepad blogs, MovableType blogs, Tumblr blogs, Twitter micro-blogs, etc.

Yes, it’s 2008, but content is still king. Make good content yada yada. Stop worrying and learn to love the bomb.

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