Affiliate Networks and OpenID?


Google has just announced its support for OpenID across its services. Yahoo and Microsoft have also adopted the “one-sign-in” OpenID platform as well.

That’s great news and great for users and people moving to the cloud with applications like GMail or Google Docs or Google Calendar. Best of all, you can use that same ID to login into a number of web apps that aren’t owned by one company such as Google.

This is incredibly important for the growth of cloud computing as more productivity moves to the web.

However, when will publishers be able to use a platform like OpenID to login to CJ or Linkshare or Motive’s Advent or LinkConnector or Azoogle or ShareASale or even the Google Affiliate Network?

I have a myriad of ill-thought out affiliate network logins that I simply can’t remember. Being able to login to a network with something like an OpenID would make that network a favorite of mine by default!

I can haz?

10 thoughts on “Affiliate Networks and OpenID?”

  1. The one problem I usually have with Open ID is that by the time a website I use adopts it, I already have a login. And using Open ID to login is basically like having a different account.

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