Sam Harrelson

Sam Harrelson

Kindle Software Update

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There’s a new software update for the Kindle that evidently improves (the already pretty awesome) battery life. I can go for days and days of heavy reading and not have to recharge.

And yes, I still freaking love my Kindle. Game changer!

EduKindle » Blog Archive » Kindle Battery Life and Release 1.04 (and 1.08): “What release is your Kindle running? Go to ‘home,’ scroll to ‘settings’ and click. At the very bottom of the settings screen you will see the version of the Kindle software you are running. If it is 1.0, go here to figure out how to upgrade to 1.04 (or 1.08, for that matter).”

So, for all the new converts to Kindle-ism, make sure you have the new update.

Posted: 10.29.2008

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