(The Awesome) Remember The Milk Now in the App Store


I absolutely love Remember The Milk. I’ve been an active (and heavy) user for well over a year and upgraded to their “Pro” level (best $25 you’ll spend this year) to take full advantage of their BlackBerry and iPod Touch syncing capabilities. Not to mention, they have amazing integration with GMail and your task lists stay in sync and in front of you whether you’re in GMail, on your mobile or on the web.

Obviously, I can’t recommend Remember The Milk enough. Honestly. Stop what you’re doing and go sign up if you already haven’t.

Anyway, my endorsement aside, they now have a designated app in the Apple App Store (for iPhone and Touch users). It’s free for Pro users (and works great as usual).

Remember The Milk – Blog: “To say that we were excited when Apple made it possible to start developing native apps earlier this year would be a massive understatement (we’re big iPhone fans!). There was no question that we’d be developing an app for the iPhone and iPod touch… the only question was, ‘how big?’ :)”

Go support a great company, team and platform that is constantly innovating… RTM is the embodiment of what we’ve all been asking for web2.0 in terms of real functionality and a business plan. Vote with your feet and head over there.

(end rant)

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