FriendFeed via IM: Twitter Looking Stale


Back in its glory (and most useful/valuable) days, Twitter had great IM support. Being able to interact with fellow tweeting friends via IM and follow conversations via Track was stupendous, revolutionary and real-time.

Sadly, that all went *poof* earlier this year.

However, FriendFeed is quickly stepping up to the bat. First, they released a live “real time” feature to follow conversations and posts that was pretty nifty.

Now, they’ve integrated the service with IM to provide the real time experience many of us miss from Twitter.

I’m not ready to give up Twitter for FriendFeed, but if FF keeps adding new innovations while Twitter keeps removing features, it could become an option for me and the other “power users” who value the real time flow of trackable information across platforms.

FriendFeed Blog: Instant FriendFeed – Notifications and Posting over IM

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