Google SearchWiki And Custom SERPs: Ruh-Roh Affiliates?

7 thoughts on “Google SearchWiki And Custom SERPs: Ruh-Roh Affiliates?”

  1. I think the weakest affiliate and non-affiliate sites have long since had poor SERPs. This will be an interesting thing to watch. This is a slight step in the direction of “quality variety” with different results for different people or at different times.

  2. I'm just grinding an axe.But seriously, I think web users (especially in terms of tasks like”searching”) are increasingly looking away from the right side of the screen(esp on SERPS) and relying much more heavily on reviews or referrals fromother users or communities.Just speculation since I have no real data to back that up with, though.

  3. This is more of a personalized search feature than a “social” one. Quoting from the google blog – “The changes you make only affect your own searches”.Sure, it's a step in the right direction by google, but one can't still call it a full-fledged wikified search interface. one has to log in to their account to view the changes they have done to their own searches. To fully wikify google will be a much more complicated task, near-impossible, considering the fact that it will have to be made in a way that it can't be gamed.

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