Google and Twitter Hookup: Beautiful Babies Created


Google’s Friend Connect (see the sidebar if you haven’t joined this site already) is now integrating with the Twitter login:

Official Google Blog: @Twitter: Welcome to Google Friend Connect: “To help you and your Twitter network stay connected no matter where you are on the web, we’re excited to announce that Google Friend Connect has integrated with Twitter. This means that when you join a Friend Connected site, you can choose to use your Twitter profile, discover people you follow on Twitter who are also members of the site, and quickly tweet that you have found a cool website.”

This is beyond fascinating to me. We will definitely see more convergence of this type as Google and Facebook continue to battle it out to see who will own your online (offline?) profile.

If Google and Twitter are in bed together, they definitely get my vote since my soul was sold to both of them years ago.

Give it a go over in the sidebar (and if you’ve already joined CPN through Friend Connect, you can hit the settings to play with the Twitter integration).

9 thoughts on “Google and Twitter Hookup: Beautiful Babies Created”

  1. I saw this earlier today on Google's blog and was excited about it as well, but I am still apprehensive. I, as you know, use Twitter and Google for most everything now, but I'm not sold on Google's Friend Connect. Is it really going to be beneficial, or is it just another thing to add clutter to my sidebar?Maybe the issue is that I am a very light user, not being as heavily involved with online marketing and having a large online presence. So, then the follow up question would be if Google's Friend Connect is really just more beneficial for people like you or is there something about it that I'm missing that would make it worth my while? Essentially, what is the “cost” of adding Google's Friend Connect to my site?(I know that this is more focused on Google's Friend Connect than Google and Twitter being in bed together, but for me it goes without saying that if I do succumb to using Google's Friend Connect, then the Twitter integration is a no-brainer)

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