ShareASale Performance Awards

Congrats to all the winners and congrats to ShareASale for being so awesome:

ShareASale Blog » ShareASale Performance Awards: “This marks the inaugural announcement of (to be) annual ShareASale Performance Awards.

While we reserve the right to add awards in the future, it was our goal this year to keep things pretty simple so we have designated 6 specific awards.”


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  1. Hi Sam, Any chance we can get in touch. Feel free to shoot me an email so I got your contact info as well. Tried your Facebook Link but it didn't work.


  2. Steven-There's a little email icon over on your left that you can click to email me(and get my address). Also, all the social networking stuff over in thesidebar on your right will get to me. And my number is all over the web ifyou need to call me.Thanks-Sam


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