Get Back

I’ll be resuming blogging here shortly.

I’m keeping the tumblelog for short thoughts, ideas, etc but I miss this place too much to not use it for all its potential (or at least make the attempt).

Here’s my thoughts:

1. The type of long form blogging that I hope to be doing more often in 2009 is better suited for the interface presented here.

2. Additionally, I feel much more comfortable producing web content when its secured in a place that I pay for, have hosted (through a trusted 3rd party) rather than a web2.0 service that might not be around after this recession/depression is over.

3. There is a great deal of talk and hand-wringing in the web2.0 world over the place of more transient social media tools in relation to more stable sites and blogs like this one. People are wanting quality back in the web2.0 space. I completely agree and am doing my part by producing higher quality long form content that is focused on my areas of research, thoughts and ideas.

Lots of history here 🙂

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