Sam Harrelson

“Sometimes, Everything is Wrong”

Reminiscing on Prof Goodman as I write out a sermon and a presentation on Joshua while listening to R.E.M. today.

Here’s an email Thomas and I got last week from him:

My first day—nay, the very first hours of my sabbatical—was spent writing letters of recommendation for Sam. You try describing him—it was maddening! I finally ended up with:

“Fun guy, smart guy, obsessed with techno gadgets, a little overbearing in Trivial Pursuit, good taste in music (early REM), bad taste in music (early Glen Campbell), reads too many blogs, writes too many blogs, dresses snappy, beautiful family, loves history, hates theology, and likely running from his true calling to be an evangelist.”

Even more difficult is to describe Prof Goodman in a paragraph.

Posted: 01.17.2009

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