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Fellow Goodmanite and recently graduated Gardner-Webb Divinity student (and all around fantastic guy) Steven Norris has put together a collection of mp3’s from Prof Goodman’s New Testament 2 class in the Spring of ’05.

In the attempt to process through the emotions of Dan’s recent passing, I found myself trying to pull together everything that reminded me of him, regretting that I would never hear that voice lecture again. Then, I remembered that I had recorded his lectures when I took Dan for N.T. II in the Spring of 2005. There are a couple of lectures missing, but I know that many who called him “teacher” and “friend” might also cherish being able to hear his voice again.

There are 22 mp3’s in all. I am SO thankful to Steven for making each second of them available.

I wrote Steven to thank him and he also pointed me to the mp3 collection of sermons that Prof Goodman had given over the past year at Calvary Baptist here in Asheville. Tremendous:

Goodman at Calvary

Frankly, I was in tears at minute 1 of the first lecture Steven has posted. It’s an amazing experience to hear the words (especially in a classroom setting) of a person and friend you thought you’d never hear again.

Truly, we live in an amazing age.

Funny thing is that as much as Goodman loved music, he was never quite the fan of mp3’s and recordings since he was such a legalist on issues of copyright, etc. I always looked up to him on that one. Yet, I take great pleasure in knowing that I’ll be listening to the great luddite on my iPod Touch (and whatever comes next) for many many years to come.

Thank you, Steven.

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  1. Thank you for posting these Sam. They are a priceless gift of wisdom and memory.


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