GeekDads@Home Podcast

I’m doing a weekly podcast with Joe Magennis, Daniel M Clark and Scott Jangro titled GeekDads@Home. It’s really becoming a great show as we combine our shared experiences of working from home with kids with our love of all things geeky.

This week’s show (episode 7) was one of my favs:

Geek Dads @ Home #7: Steal This Podcast | Geek Dads @Home: “The Geek Dads gather ’round the computers and don the headphones and mikes once again to talk about things both geeky and dad… y. Dad-ish? Okay, that last part didn’t come out right, but you know what I mean.”

Here’s the mp3 or head over to the site for the stream.

Even if you’re not a dad or a geek, it’s an entertaining listen. Give it a shot. You can also subscribe in iTunes if you are of that persuasion (and please leave us a comment on iTunes!).

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