Macbook D’oh 2.0

Macbook D'oh 2.0 5

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5 thoughts on “Macbook D’oh 2.0

  1. You have no idea. Seems to run fine still but my pride and love is so tainted that I've been working on the Windows 7 laptop all day to punish my MBP for it's inability to defy gravity.

  2. Actually, I do.My first macbook pro was before magnetic power cords. The DAY I got it, I tripped over the power cord, practically ripping the socket out of the computer and sent it flying onto the floor. Thankfully it landed on a carpet from just about 2 feet.The plug and socket were bent at about a 45 degree angle and remain that way to this day. I used it like that for about 4 years and was reminded daily of my stupidity each time I plugged it in and had to wiggle the connector until it would light up.

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