Rock Salt Crystal Deodorant Really Works

This is a post a little out of the ordinary, but I really have been infatuated with how well this product works…

A few weeks ago, I was running low on deodorant and decided to look around for a less-commercial option that would deliver the same results.

I came across Rock Salt Thai Crystal Deodorant Stone
and was immediately skeptical.

However, after a month of using the rock salt deodorant only (instead of the commercial stuff I had been using since a teen), I can only say it really really works.

I’m not a huge guy and I’m not a constant “sweater” but I do have a pretty active lifestyle with school, preaching, speaking, etc… after a Sunday morning, my shirts and undershirts were normally pretty drenched (more from nerves than heat) in the past. However, I’m dead serious when I say that this stuff really keeps things dry.

So, if you’re thinking about making a switch to something more natural and something more effective than the pricey deodorants, I couldn’t recommend the crystal stone more.

And for only $2.26 (my stone has lasted me a month and it looks barely used so far) in this economy??? Forget about it.

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