Month: March 2009

Twitter Sanity

Scott Jangro and I are recovering from an interesting experiment in which we followed back everyone who followed us. Sounds pretty simple and easy, right? Well, it is an easy task to click “Follow” under a person’s avatar, but it is a much more difficult thing to give away a sense of sanity on Twitter. Jangro explains it incredibly well: Does anybody really think that anyone with thousands of followers is reading anything but a …

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Talking Futurisms, Podcasts, and Ethics

I chatted with Andrew Wee on his Friday Podcast this week about a number of topics. Here’s his show notes: – How he got involved in online marketing and his quest to become a Renaissance man. – How he has “given up marketing” – Ethics and morals in affiliate marketing – What inspires him to podcast – The origin and direction of his podcast network – Monetization options for podcast network owners – One …

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What is a High Church Baptist?

  I’m a Baptist. That’s not always an easy descriptor to assign to myself because I am…you might say…”high church.” A “high church baptist.” Weird, I know. What does high church mean to me? 1. High church is an adjective that, to me, helps differentiate my preference and personal theology of worship from “low church.” 2. Neither high church nor low church is preferable to God or general polity of denominations or congregations. One is …

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