Things I Like

Beyond this space, there are a couple of other places where I regularly share things I’ve enjoyed reading, watching or thinking about on the web.

1. Google Reader Shared Items: I subscribe to a number of RSS feeds and share about a dozen items a day on topics such as religion, astronomy, science fiction and tech.

2. Delicious Bookmarks: I’m regularly updating my Delicious bookmarks as I come across interesting things on the web. The archive goes back to 2004, and I normally add 2-3 interesting sites a day.

3. FriendFeed Likes: FriendFeed has a fantastic “Like” function, so you can follow things that I highlight as interesting since my FriendFeed scroller is constantly updating in real time throughout the day.

So, if you need (yet another) collection of interesting randomness, check out those sources. Plus, they all have associated RSS feeds themselves (if you’re into such geekiness… and you should be).


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