In Between

Between us there is a pen and a paper.
And a spider web of neural pathways fired by electricity.
And tendons that moves bone that move flesh.
And keys on a keyboard that are depressed.
And a spider web of wires fired by electricity.
And pixels.
And photons emitted by bulbs.
And nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide.
And a lens that contracts because of the photons.
And a retina that filters some of what I have to say.
And an optical nerve that carries the message like Hermes.
And then you, somewhere in that Grand Central Station in your head, read what I have to say.
Between us there is a universe of time.

The “Real Time Web” is as valid a construct as creationism. Both are hopeful ideologies constructed on a misguided theology of poor literalism that misses the beauty of what lies in between.

It’s the in between time that is important.

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