Survival of the Focused

I would add that beyond the ability to “concentrate,” the ability to sift through the mountains of data, information, junk and propaganda will be the most essential skill for 21st century learners (an ability we’re still not doing a very good job at helping current students learn or sharpen)…

Book review: Is the Internet Changing the Way You Think? – “One theme emerges frequently from enthusiasts and skeptics alike: Precisely because there are such vast stores of information on the Internet, the ability to carve out time for uninterrupted, concentrated thought may prove to be the most important skill that one can hone. ‘Attention is the fundamental literacy,’ writes Howard Rheingold, the author of ‘Smart Mobs.'”

Attention is a new literacy, but there are also many other literacies out there we can’t ignore.

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  1. I’d say intuition is pretty far up there. The ability to determine what information to pay attention to.


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