Initial AppleTV Thoughts

On much less than a whim and much more of a two year deliberation, I decided to take the $99 plunge and buy an AppleTV tonight.

After an initial 10 mins, I can say that it’s a game changer for how I consume and consider media.

Many people like to say that the iPad is a “consumption” device and is meant primarily to entertain rather than create. I think that is completely false and operates on assumptions about the creative process that aren’t valid in 2011.

The AppleTV, however, is a consumption device that does integrate well with the family of Macs, iPhones, iPads and Mac Mini’s that make up the neural network of computing in this house. It is a fantastic aggregation device for consuming the media that exists on those devices.

So yes… great purchase.

More reflections soon.

2 Replies to “Initial AppleTV Thoughts”

  1. This was our WHOLE conversation last night with friends over dinner. Lets talk. I know Celia and Randy have been Apple tv soldiers for over a year now 🙂 Okay… I’m doing it!


  2. I want to hear more Sam. I bought a Roku, and it is great. There’s room in my HDMI ports for an Apple TV and a Google TV as well.What are you loving about Apple TV, that it is so cool? (which I can appreciate, but that’ll subside) or what it gives you access to?If the latter, can you give examples?


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