De Grading

A big thanks to Joe Bower for pointing these links from Alfie Kohn out on Twitter today:

From Degrading to De-Grading

Grading: The Issue Is Not How but Why

I also have to thank Joe for being one of the inspirations for my own “de-grading” trend in the classroom this year as I continue my search for more authentic learning environments for my 8th graders and move away from traditional grading as a means of assessing what they might or might not be achieving.

Instead, we’re sending cameras into space. I’ll take that trade off anyday.

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  1. I read both of these essays while I was flying from Portland to Chicago yesterday. Great reads. I’m definitely guilty of trying to use grades as a motivation, but watching how your students perform and reading these articles is quickly changing my thinking on the whole process. After all, I do personally value the learning experience much more myself, but have not worked to create environments where the student can grow to love the learning experience as well. Hopefully, I’ll have the opportunity to work on that in the near future.Thanks for sharing.


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