Paperless 1.2

Paperless is one of those books that I thought would be enjoyable for reaffirming what I already know but has turned into a constant reference guide for how I get things done and process info.

Paperless, Version 1.2 — MacSparky: “It always made me a little crazy with my prior books that I couldn’t update them. I was in Barnes and Noble just the other day looking at a copy of iPad at Work on the shelf. By and large, the book held up pretty well. However, there are a few areas in it that I would desperately like to update. Of course that’s not possible given that most of the copies are sitting on people shelves and I don’t have control over the digital copies either. The ability to update a book was one of my big motivations to self-publish.

I’m particularly interested in the ability to update books on the iBooks Author platform and am in the middle of some pretty exciting things with it myself at the moment.

More on that soon 🙂

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