March 2013

Skycons and HTML 5

Pretty awesome… Forecast: “Eventually, it dawned on us that, given the animations we had elsewhere in the app, the Climacons simply felt too flat, too static; we therefore set about making our own set of animated weather icons that felt more alive—but not so much so that they distract—which are the icons you now see …

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“If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself.”

Zoinks… Andrew Weissmann: FBI wants real-time Gmail, Dropbox spying power.: “Weissmann said that the FBI wants the power to mandate real-time surveillance of everything from Dropbox and online games (‘the chat feature in Scrabble’) to Gmail and Google Voice. ‘Those communications are being used for criminal conversations,’ he said.”

Forecast for the Web

Dark Sky is one of my favorite iOS apps and a recommendation I always make for people to check out when they ask what to put on their iPhone. However, now that I’ve made the move over to Android, I’ve been missing the beauty and simplicity of the great weather app. So, I was excited …

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What’s Next For Me

This about sums it up… StudiesLab Lauch | Indiegogo Would love your help if you’re able. Find out more on the StudiesLab site.

Rush’s Favorite Apple RSS Feeds

Sounds like someone likes their RSS reader. Based on his RSS subscriptions, it looks like Limbaugh and I are at least reading a number of the same Apple-related feeds. Never thought I’d have more in common with Rush than Google. El Rushbo’s Favorite Apple Tech Blogs – The Rush Limbaugh Show: “Rosie in Lake Havasu, …

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Moving On From Carolina Day

In early June I’ll wish my 7th graders godspeed and wrap up my time at Carolina Day School. It will be a bittersweet day (and next few months) but I’m excited about the remaining time I have with my students and colleagues to learn and grow in the halls (and on the many stairs) of …

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Chrome Over Android

This is the main impetus of Google’s recent moves with Android and Chrome… it’s not about user experience or trying to slim down. It’s about control. Google has lost control of Android to Samsung, Amazon etc and knows its future is with ChromeOS (especially given that Windows 8 is a flop and Apple is stumbling …

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Changing Platforms Like Socks

Sounds like something I would write… Change platforms: “Windows Phone 8 is my personal favourite smartphone operating system, as it fits my usage patterns and visual preferences perfectly. Yet, I will still move to an entirely new, unproven, and untested platform later this year (if Sailfish is out by then). The reason is simple: always …

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Paradox of Power

Really fascinating… Flush With Oil, Abu Dhabi Opens World’s Largest Solar Plant : NPR: “Abu Dhabi, the most oil-rich of the United Arab Emirates, is now home to the world’s single-largest concentrated solar power plant.”

Top Typefaces of 2012

Fun and fascinating post on Typographica on fonts from last year… Our Favorite Typefaces of 2012 | Typeface Reviews | Typographica: “Some years are stronger than others. 2012 was a strong year. The rich diversity in new type design has never been so evident.” Going to have to use a few of these myself.

Post Dog Park Bliss

There’s really nothing like seeing a pup in post dog park bliss. It literally takes years off of your life to see such happiness (notice Willie’s missing two bottom teeth… we’re getting close to puppy adolescence).

Search for Affiliates via Geolocation on AvantLink

Now we just need to get this narrowed down to states (and eventually zips): AvantLink Launches Geolocation Affiliate Tool – Affiliate Marketing Blog: “AvantLink has announced an update to their affiliate recruitment and application management tools. Merchants can now search for affiliates based on the originating country for the majority of an affiliates traffic.”

Twitter and Facebook Are Not Google Reader Replacements

I have to solidly disagree with this: RSS still matters a great deal. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ (even Tumblr)…these social gardens with their nice walls are fantastic but social “curation” isn’t the right path ahead for establishing a real presence on the web because you’re always serving a master that could go away. …

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Worst Product Release Ever

For once, I’m glad that I wasn’t at a major tech product release and could watch the debacle unfold via a YouTube livestream from the comfort of home: Robert Scoble – Google+ – Samsung really screwed up with its Galaxy S4 presentation.…

The Joy of Working For You

Whether it’s this blog or Thinking.FM or StudiesLab or Harrelson Agency (and even more soon), I can’t agree more with Daniel here… An Indie State Of Mind – “Like Marco, I derive a great amount of satisfaction from doing things for myself. Also like Marco, it can sometimes be a fault. No doubt I …

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Pinterest Gets Analytics

Pinterest has announced their iteration of web analytics for bloggers, businesses and groups with a verified website in the profile of the popular sharing service: Introducing Pinterest Web Analytics – Pinterest Blog: “Bloggers, businesses, and organizations often ask us, “what are people pinning from my websites?” These website owners help create the content on Pinterest …

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When Marketers Stare Back at You

Hot on the heels of Samsung’s new flagship phone being released with “eye scroll tracking” as a feature comes this interesting piece from TechCrunch on what we might be in store for when marketers can stare back at mobile users… The Implications of the Interface That Watches You – TechCrunch: “It’s no secret that companies …

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