You’re not “addicted” to tech and why it’s dangerous to say you are

As a teacher from 2001-2006 and then from 2008-2012, I had the chance to work with dozens of young people and their parents at a time when so much we knew and thought about education and transmitting information was changing. There was a rapid cultural shift in that decade that was primarily driven by “technology” … Continue reading You’re not “addicted” to tech and why it’s dangerous to say you are

Defending the Liberal Arts

Long overdue… The new statement offers a counterargument to the notion that the liberal arts are impractical, and perhaps unnecessary. The disciplines, it argues, increase students’ curiosity, prepare them to be lifelong learners, and offer a foundation for academic freedom. As a result, the associations argue, the benefits of the liberal arts should be available … Continue reading Defending the Liberal Arts

The dangers of thinking “They’ll get it because they’re young”

So very true despite the stereotypes (spoken as a former college / high school / middle school teacher turned tech consultant). Parents have a big burden to bear in helping their young and old children make wise decisions about how and why to use the web. Just assuming “they’ll get it because they’re young” is … Continue reading The dangers of thinking “They’ll get it because they’re young”

Less School

This is going to put me at odds with many of my more liberal friends, but I do see the justification for the argument here as well as “The Case Against Education.” Education is big business and we’re not educating our children (or adults) in the US in a way that best suits their future … Continue reading Less School

Learning to Summize?

  Take a picture of a textbook page and instantly get summaries, analyses, videos, flashcards and annotations. Source: Summize I’ve been playing with this new app this morning. It’s … interesting and has caused me to stop and think. And to think… I had months (if not years) of instruction time at elementary, middle, high … Continue reading Learning to Summize?

The “Mystery” of Good Schools

“The authors of these two books demonstrate that grand ideas cannot be imposed on people without their assent. Money and power are not sufficient to improve schools. Genuine improvement happens when students, teachers, principals, parents, and the local community collaborate for the benefit of the children. But a further lesson matters even more: improving education … Continue reading The “Mystery” of Good Schools

Lower Salary Potential

I’ll take my Religion major any day… USC considers charging different tuition for some majors | The State: “‘Look at what it costs to deliver an engineering degree than it does to deliver a philosophy degree,’ USC President Harris Pastides told trustees Tuesday. ‘Yet these two students pay the same amount of tuition.’ After the … Continue reading Lower Salary Potential

What If Everything You Knew About Disciplining Kids Was Wrong?

Teachers who aim to control students’ behavior—rather than helping them control it themselves—undermine the very elements that are essential for motivation: autonomy, a sense of competence, and a capacity to relate to others. Source: What If Everything You Knew About Disciplining Kids Was Wrong? | Mother Jones Must read for parents, teachers, students, and most … Continue reading What If Everything You Knew About Disciplining Kids Was Wrong?

Whither Professors?

As I wait, I sympathize: So many things distract them — the gym, text messages, rush week — and often campus culture treats them as customers, not pupils. Student evaluations and paint us as service providers. Source: What’s the Point of a Professor? – vs There’s plenty wrong with higher ed, no one’s … Continue reading Whither Professors?

School Lunches

Soylent Green is people (but seriously, this looks terrible)! Students have posted their photos of mystery slop and scant portions after Mrs Obama spearheaded the United State Department of Agriculture’s "Let’s Move!" initiative to crackdown on obesity by reducing fat, simple sugars and salt in school food. via Hungry students send messages to Michelle Obama … Continue reading School Lunches