Google’s Nexus 4 Sale; Nexus 5 Coming Soon?

If you’ve been wanting to switch over to Android but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg, Google dropped the prices on their (fantastic) Nexus 4 phones (off-contract/unlocked) today:

Nexus 4 price drops by $100 on Google Play to $199 or $249 [updated] | Android Central: “The official Google Play Twitter account has just confirmed the ‘25% off or more’ sale for the Nexus 4 is active in Australia, Canada, Germany, Spain, Korea, US and UK.”

Nexus 5 coming soon then? I think so…

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  1. The glass on the back of my current Nexus 4 is cracked… holy geez am I soooo close to ordering another Nexus 4.

    Best phone I’ve ever owned (especially with T-Mo’s $30 dollar plan).


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