My Jerry Maguire Moment


I’m writing this while sitting at the bar waiting for takeout from my fav pizza place dive in my old/new city of Columbia.

This time it feels more permanent. That’s most because I’vd started both my new business and my new life here. This is my Jerry Maguire moment in time and place.

Everyone here that I tell I picked this patch of famously hot dirt over Asheville looks at me a little curious and a lot of envious. However, this dirt is my home (well closer).

I called my grandmother today from my new offices downtown and wished her happy birthday. She was so excited to have me back in South Carolina just because it’s closer to home and my girls will have SC roots.

That made me realize some deep things about myself and my family.

It’s good to be home.

To quote Jerry Maguire, “I was 35. I had started my life.”

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3 Replies to “My Jerry Maguire Moment”

  1. rhythmic memory October 25, 2013 at 11:24

    Well, I am certainly glad you are here! Many blessings for you and your family:) You’ve been a gift in my life with your generosity, kindness, and encouragement!


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