WordPress and the Longevity of Good Software


The new WordPress 3.8 is definitely beautiful on the admin side. I’m glad to see open source software like WordPress continue to persevere (and thrive) over such a long period on the web (10 years old) given how much publishing on the web has changed and how fads have come and gone.

WordPress is, in many ways, the cornerstone of my web presence and I am excited about the update…

Today the WordPress core team announced WordPress 3.8 “Parker”, a major milestone for the web’s most popular blogging software. In its 10 years WordPress has seen many changes, one of the most significant being the “Crazyhorse” redesign that came with version 2.7 in 2008. Today’s update is the biggest visual update to WordPress since that release.

via The Design of WordPress 3.8 | Matt Thomas.

Author: Sam Harrelson

Marketing and Technology Strategist at https://samharrelson.com ; Podcast at https://thinking.fm

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