May 2015

“Losing My Religion”

“If people do that and remain or become evangelical, I’m OK with that.  So long as they don’t hurt and exploit others, especially the poor, the oppressed, and the marginalized.   If they remain or become Catholic, AOK.  If they remain or become Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, pagan, agnostic, atheist, or anything else, I really don’t …

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Beautiful Bride at Four Months 

She’s finally showing 🙂 Your Pregnancy | 16 Weeks: “Get ready for a growth spurt. In the next few weeks, your baby will double his weight and add inches to his length. Right now, he’s about the size of an avocado: 4 1/2 inches long (head to rump) and 3 1/2 ounces. His legs are …

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Thinking Religion: Smuggling Religion

Thinking Religion: Smuggling Religion | Thinking.FM: Prof. Thomas Whitley and Sam Harrelson attempt to bring some thoughtfulness to the topic of religion again this week with discussions of the Watchmen, Rambo Jesus, Westboro Church, Southern Baptists and Obama, Palmyra, Indiana Jones, and the next reformation. This Week’s Topics Who watches the Watchmen? Rambo meets Heart …

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Declining Average Church Attendance and Marketing Implications

RIP, average attendance | Faith and Leadership: “Church attendance was once a key indicator of a virtuous cycle. If the church could get a new person in the pew regularly, offerings would go up, involvement in small groups and missions would climb, and the church would be healthy. If attendance was declining then everything else …

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Social Fundraising and Boards

Good tips here on how to get your nonprofit’s board behind a “social fundraising” campaign. I’ve seen directors struggle with this same issue numerous times, and I offer up similar advice: The Nonprofit Marketing Blog: “Of course, the idea behind social fundraising isn’t new, but combining the age-old structure of board support and your fundraising …

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Going Indie

Amen. And nah, one-person shows are still viable. Daring Fireball: ‘The Big News Sites Still Rule’: “My take is that if you’re going to go indie, you need to stay lean and mean. You don’t have to stay as lean and mean as I have — I have no employees, and to date, no one …

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Oh Hillary, Don’t Do That

Bless her heart (we South Carolinians forgive Frank Underwood’s accent, but that’s just because he’s on Netflix)… Hillary Clinton’s fake Southern accent gets lost in translation | Fox News: “And there’s nothing more unpleasant to the ear than a phony Southern accent. It’s downright disrespectful and a bit condescending. But because she’s Miss Hill’ry – …

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Amazon Baby Food @meriannaneely

What do you say, Merianna? Baby Harrelson’s first baby food from Amazon? Have to get kids started young in their consumption silos! You May Soon Be Able to Buy Amazon-branded Milk, Cereal and Baby Food | TIME: “The online retailer is planning to expand its private label lineup into groceries like milk, cereal, and baby …

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Google Photos and the Price of Free

I’ve gone back and forth on the Google privacy debate over the years, but I’m really excited about them spinning out their Photos product into a standalone “app” that now basically undercuts Apple, Flickr, Microsoft etc and makes me very tempted to kill my expensive iCloud subscription that I keep for hosting photos… Google Photos’ …

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Sapphire Apple Watch Screens Can Crack

Ouch… Apple Watch sapphire screen cracked: Accidental drops can break screen | BGR: “My friend was actually more worried than I was that something might have happened, but I reassured him that everything would be fine, as this Watch model has a sapphire display that’s shockingly difficult to crack. Then I picked it up from …

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Religious Slacktivism

Prof. Thomas Whitley and Sam Harrelson attempt to bring some thoughtfulness to the topic of religion again this week with discussions of whether Jesus was a terrorist, the beatification process, Muslim responses to climate change, how to fix Genesis, and why changing your Facebook profile picture makes you feel better. Source: Thinking Religion Podcast: Religious …

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Stop Drinking Bottled Water

Clean, safe drinking water that flows freely out of our faucets is a feat of engineering that humans have been been perfecting for two millennia. It is a cornerstone of civilization. It is what our cities are built upon. And over the years the scientists and hydrologists and technicians who help get water to our …

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Asheville is Strange

More than anything else, the strangest thing to me about Asheville is seeing the rivers run the wrong way (towards the Mississippi).

I’m not ready for this.

Source: Video Extra – Mad Men – Trailer: Times of Your Life: Mad Men: Series Finale – AMC Get out the tissues, Merianna. Sam is going to cry big tears.

Whither Professors?

As I wait, I sympathize: So many things distract them — the gym, text messages, rush week — and often campus culture treats them as customers, not pupils. Student evaluations and paint us as service providers. Source: What’s the Point of a Professor? – vs There’s plenty wrong with higher ed, no one’s …

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