The Attention Economy, or Why No One Cares About Your Ad in the Paper But You


The killer-app of the mobile generation is the platform for self-expression and communication. Given this, it is baffling that none of the traditional media companies have invested in, built or acquired any of the hundreds of global properties which have hoovered our attention away from their legacy properties. In fact, the audience sizes being drawn to these new platforms are massively dwarfing audience sizes of traditional media properties.

Source: May I Have Your Attention Please by David Pakman

Interesting insights here that I’ll be sharing with clients who want to “focus on young people” but are mainly interested in TV, radio, and the newspaper as their marketing vehicles.

YouTube channels are routinely getting more “views” than the NBA Finals or MLB World Series. That’s shocking. By current standards, Facebook is dominating and Google has got to be worrying.

Not to say “we told you so,” but “we told you so” way back in 2007 with all of this talk about what would become the attention economy.

Cord-cutters and apps are just the beginning and the new metrics  they help develop will radically transform not just marketing and advertising but also content production to replace traditional TV and radio formulas (think YouTube form videos and podcasts).

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