Facebook Takes on Medium Because Teens Are Blogging Again

“As it turns out, teens are blogging. “Blogging’s one of those odd ones that seems to be trendy again. It was very popular seven, eight, nine years ago. People obviously did carry on blogging, but it sort of went away from the spotlight,” explains Pelz-Sharpe. “It’s actually getting very popular with teenagers again, who are going through that whole journaling move.'”

Source: Remember Facebook Notes? It’s Back With a Vengeance | WIRED

Facebook has to chase Medium here, and Medium is chasing the open web. I’m glad to see both platforms are bringing the concept and joys of blogging back into the mainstream (particularly with young people).

My only admonition here is that if you’re going to blog, do so on your own namespace (yourname.com or something you own). It’s cheap, easy, and incredibly fun to do rather than giving all of your content and identity away to Facebook or Medium or Blogger (Google) etc. Whatever platform you use, listen to Dave Winer (who created blogging) when he writes (just today) that you should ponder the future-safety of your work, as irrelevant or worthless as you might think it is.

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