Is Our Universe a Computer Simulation?

I never get tired of reading articles pondering whether our universe is a computer simulation / hologram. Now we just need the Ancient Aliens guy to explain how trans-dimensional mice created the original computer to figure out the question with the answer of 42… As cosmic particles fly through the universe, they lose energy and change direction and spread out across a spectrum of energy values. There’s a known limit to how much energy those …

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4D Star Collapse Lead to Our Universe?

Here’s your Monday afternoon mind-bender… It could be time to bid the Big Bang bye-bye. Cosmologists have speculated that the Universe formed from the debris ejected when a four-dimensional star collapsed into a black hole — a scenario that would help to explain why the cosmos seems to be so uniform in all directions. via Did a hyper-black hole spawn the Universe? : Nature News & Comment.

Happy 30th Birthday to the Internet

Vint Cerf writes a great post about how the modern-day internet (no, not Facebook and Twitter and came to be during a tumultuous switchover in 1983: Marking the birth of the modern-day Internet | Official Google Blog: “In an attempt to solve this, Robert Kahn and I developed a new computer communication protocol designed specifically to support connection among different packet-switched networks. We called it TCP, short for ‘Transmission Control Protocol,’ and in 1974 …

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Happy Holidays from a Point of Pale Light

One of my favorite pages on Wikipedia (and yes, our planet is going to get real interesting in a few hundred thousand years): Timeline of the far future – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: “Due to its northward movement along the San Andreas Fault, the Californian coast begins to be subducted into the Aleutian Trench. Africa will have collided with Eurasia, closing the Mediterranean Basin and creating a mountain range similar to the Himalayas.” My 7th …

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Club of Honest Whigs

The name of my next band… Benjamin Franklin – Wikipedia: “Whilst in London, Franklin became involved in radical politics. He was a member of the Club of Honest Whigs, alongside thinkers such as Richard Price, the minister of Newington Green Unitarian Church who ignited the Revolution Controversy.” Geez I love Ben Franklin.

I Want to Go to Mars

Where is Carl Sagan when we need him? Are Those Spidery Black Things On Mars Dangerous? (Maybe) : Krulwich Wonders… : NPR: “‘If you were there,’ says Phil Christensen of Arizona State University, ‘you’d be standing on a slab of carbon dioxide ice. All around you, roaring jets of carbon dioxide gas are throwing sand and dust a couple hundred feet into the air.’ The ground below would be rumbling. You’d feel it in your …

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Neil Gaiman, Neil Armstrong, and Neal Stephenson

Wow, what a pic… Neil Gaiman’s Journal: Neil Armstrong: “Neal Stephenson and I were not standing in order to make it quite clear who Neil #1 was and would always be.” That pretty much sums up my life as a fanboy.

We Cho(o)se To Go to the Moon

Not because it was easy, but because it was hard… I hope we go back someday for the same reasons.

Split Open and Melt

crescit cum commercio civitas? Arctic ice cap set for record-breaking summer melt session | Ars Technica: “While predictions of a total melt during the summer months and its potentially devastating effects on the planet have many worried (Serreze says the rapid melting may have contributed to severe storms in the US in recent years), commercial enterprises are busily jumping at the opportunity to open shop in the Northern Passage. China sent its first vessel along …

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