Candybugs and cataract water –
    spilling into one small moment
    large brains and puzzles
    saturate with the distraction
of a ticking daydream vigor.

Reflectful moments of reprise
    with apes following into the gorge,
    the essential small moments
    that perform the needed function
of a holy spirit in our brain.

you gave it to me

I thought it was the moon, but
    it was a lamplight.
I thought you were behind me,
    but that was a movement.
I thought I was saved, but
    that was the radio.
I thought your voice broke, but
that time it was my spine.

I thought I knew who you were, but
    I was wrong.
I thought I dreamed about you, but
    it was a shiny serpent on a stick.
I thought I experienced the supernatural, but
    it was a massive ringing in my ears.
I thought you would say incredible, but
    you shrugged in hollow joy.

I thought you would eat the apple
    and you did –

voodoo universe

I manage time but still loose heart,
my brain vertigo hemorrhage of gravitons and gluons.

Hands whirl on a silver circle on the office wall,
timing the heart beats until Golgotha.

I smell the stench of veneer and hide in the cave of your atlantis.

Yet I cannot stop the goose skin death ticking of apollo’s paycheck.

Time itself is measured in sticky melted wax drawn on a wall with a smelly grin.

Yet, I always will wonder if your music will stop breaking tone and find the pitch to sit on my wallowed mellowed soul.



You puzzled me with refraction,
                (the bending of your hair in light)

    causing me to look the wrong way

for your root cause.

You spoke to me from heaven
                            (and I looked down).

You answered me in riddles and caused me to drive onto the rocks.

why does apple mail continue to spaz and crash on me? i’d love to use it full time, but i can’t keep spending all of this time trying to figure out what is wrong with the damn thing. back to gmail, i guess.