Affiliate Marketing Mashups?

One thought on “Affiliate Marketing Mashups?”

  1. Hi, Sam.
    Access to APIs seems LONG overdue, no?

    Here’s the thing — affiliates still have little control. The model is one that forces them to, first, spend money on netting the customer and then, second, send them away — hoping for the best.

    The only control they have is picking what they believe to be an advertiser who can get the deal done (complete the transaction) enough such that their investment pays off.

    Affiliates remain in a “traffic-shuttle” environment which is one based on, effectively, arbitrage.

    In theory mashing things up sounds great and I’m sure some affiliates will have a chance to differentiate a bit using them but sooner than later copy-cats catch up. What does an affiliate have at the end of the day if its only asset is its ability to get customers on the cheap and hand them off hoping for the best?

    Is this a long term business model?

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