Wayne Porter Offers Robert Scoble a Monkey Phone Call

Here’s the plot summary: Yesterday on the Weekly Insight Podcast, there was a discussion of a Monkey Phone Call that Microsoft MVP and Google VIP Wayne Porter had sent my way. He then hatched the plan to send one to Robert Scoble because we were discussing LinkedIn and I brought up Scoble’s infamous post on his hatred of that platform. The rest follows from that. You have to read this for yourself (Ender’s Game meets On the Road).

btw, I’m building an API for WordPress that will translate Porter-ese in the future…

“Hi Scoble, hey, few of us on a podcast (not drunk although I suspect someone hit the rubber cement a bit- host)…It should be coming out soon perhaps when Tipper Gore is done labeling it. In truth, really it is that long and I advise you just to skip to the last 10 minutes where there is some real insight into AIs affecting algorithms (unlike this totally ridiculous crap on broadmatch) and save the other valuable time in your life to do anything else….or listen to the monkey phone call piece.

One guy, that Ze Frank loving- Summerian babbeling (ok listen to podcast for that) was on too- Sam Harrelson. Sam and I were wondering did you get get the monkey phone call I sent over earlier? If so- how was it? Was it performed well for the $10 bucks? (I prefer Lindex$)

Scale of of 1 to 10 with 1 being equal to having your linkedin url scrawled on a restroom wall of a Second Life Gor convention and a 10 having naked conversations hit the bestseller list and only to find you had accidentally encoded the location of the Holy Grail and even random passages of the Da Vinci Code….(btw I’ll work on a way to make LinkedIn fun for you- I did it for spam- I can do it for dry business networks.)

Thanks for the time.. if you have a moment to give us a numeral- we need a number to settle the bet (it decides the amount of times I get to punch Jeff with my MSFT MVP pin in his eye)…if you haven’t gotten the call yet (Sam Harrelson got his and it worked out pretty well, but he said it was kinda weird and I think in a fatal attraction kind of way) Please tell me so I can ensure the call was delivered. see http://www.monkeyphonecall.com

I’ll work hard on your christmas gift maybe something you can blow up in a podcast or an old Apple PC- no real difference really. Btw- if you know Rubel’s cell number please let me know (I’ll treat it respectfully- well most of the time- I swear never to put on the wall of a truckstop)- we figure the whole Edelman- Walmart thing has Rubel down a bit, like from A to B – status maybe a C…. It really isn’t him totally- I have dealt with various aspects of Edelman over the years and well…idiots pretty much.

So I think three or four monkeycalls in a row has got to make him smile or have a transient ischemiac attack…which could erase the memory….or perhaps get me sued by Edelman. Both equally entertaining given Edelman’s lawsuit would probably get kicked out when they figured out they sent in one-two year graduates to do jury manipulation lies halycon laced drinks influence…. really if you are going to do it- do it with style, nothing worse then bad WOM- it doesn’t even approach memetics.

Anyway thanks and so long for all the fish. Note- 42 is no good… need integer from 1 to 10.

Listen to Podcast in MP3

“Working on a way to create a strain of syphillis to transmit in a VRML environment”.”

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