BrightRoll Launches With Contextual Ads in Video


With $1 million in funding, BrightRoll (formerly PostRoller) has launched and is seeking to carve out a niche of contextual ad serving by making use of networks of various sites. While this is not particularly a new concept (see BlipTV or Streetfire or Magnify), BrightRoll has attracted huge media players such as MetaCafe.

The main question for BrightRoll and the others in this vertical is… what about Google? We know contextual Adsense ads are coming from Google in the YouTube and Google Video platforms, and that will set an industry standard in terms of relevancy and performance metrics. Will these competitors have time to line up major players before Google formally enters the market?

BrightRoll takes 50 percent of the ad revenue, but charges less depending on volume. He’ll never compete with a Valueclick, or sell ads to CNN. However, Sacerdoti said he wants to sign up networks of sites, so that he can run a relevant advertisement across, say 25 entertainment sites. The trick is getting a large enough network to make this pay.

VentureBeat » BrightRoll serving contextual ads in video

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