MediaWhiz Buys Text Link Ads

mwprivlogo.gifBig week for MediaWhiz. Last night in NYC to celebrate ad:tech, MediaWhiz threw a poker tournament. Today, it was announced that they’ve acquired Text Link Ads.

Was this a good buy for MediaWhiz? Where are they looking to move with this buy?

Text Link Ads doesn’t use “no follows” for their links, which has given the platform a good deal of suspicion and has given rise to some debate about its long term health as a model.

Isn’t the link dead in terms of long term value to the market?

New Yorks’ Media Whiz advertising firm has acquired Cincinati’s Text Link Ads. The deal was announced this morning, but the financial details aren’t being disclosed.

Text Link Ads typically sells small text ads for a fixed monthly rate, not pay per click. They advertise on blogs extensively (disclosure: including this one). The company recently released a product called “Feedvertising” that allows publishers to easily place ads from Text Link Ads, ads the publisher sells themselves directly or other messages into their RSS feeds. We use this service to promote other sites in the Crunch network. I hope that this product continues to flourish post acquisition.

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