Windows Live on Mobile Phones: Implications for CPA and Affiliate Markets?

20051106_msnlivesearch.pngIf you use search to reach new or existing customers, or rely on search marketers to expand your program or network, you need to pay attention to the blooming mobile market.

This week, Microsoft announced a deal with Sprint to place Windows Live Search on phones to enhance its local and national search reach…

“It’s very easy to use, and it automatically comes up on the [screen],” says Michael Inserra, Sprint’s director of strategic alliances. “This is the first use of Windows Live Search on phones.” Inserra says the alliance is broad and covers product sets and sales initiatives. Local searches with targeted advertising will be featured. Users simply type in their zip codes or addresses; later GPS technology will automatically pinpoint users’ locations.”

Users can access Google, Yahoo! or MSN from their phones if they are savvy enough to use internet-enabled phones. However, with mobile companies aligning with specific search platforms, it’s important to remember the growing influence of this realm in the search (especially local social) platform.

As we discussed on the latest Weekly Insight Podcast, Linkshare is making moves in the mobile area. Will other affiliate or CPA networks follow? Have affiliates themselves begun to adopt to this new marketing medium? How so?

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  1. I think it’s one of the next big things for affiliates, but haven’t detected a lot of buzz about it so far in affiliate forums and blogs.

    Some affiliates here and there are snapping up .mobi names, playing around with mobile site templates, and generating mobile sitemaps.

    But I haven’t seen much activity from the merchant side to offer up versions of their sites in mobile browsers.

    I’ve tried to make purchases on the browser of my Blackberry 8700c and run into problems to the point where I just gave up.

    I think we’re a year or two away from it right now. It requires a cultural shift – we’re just not buying much more than ringtones and games via phone right now.


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