eBags Responds to Google Checkout Affiliate Tracking Controversy

Thomas from eBags sent this over to me by email earlier. Thoughts?…

eBags & Google Checkout

ebag140x140_2.gif“The current eBags promotion with Google Checkout has proven to be a huge success. Although Google Checkout orders are not currently being properly reflected in CJ, please rest assured we are tracking each and every sale internally and can attribute these sales to all of our publishers.

We will be crediting every affiliate with the commission due to them from Google Checkout orders so no-one should think they are not getting proper credit for any referrals that use Google Checkout.

Our Account Managers at CJ are aware that we are tracking these orders and we are working out a means to reflect in the CJ system.

Our affiliates are on track to have record months of sales and commissions. We are one of only a small handful of merchants that Google has chosen to offer a $20 off $50 incentive that can be combined with other discounts and our affiliates have the ability to leverage and be fully compensated. We are confident that the affiliates that promote eBags during this holiday season will be pleasantly rewarded and taken care of by our team.

If anyone has any further questions or concerns regarding the eBags affiliate program, and Google Checkout orders please feel free to e-mail me at Thomas@ebags.com.

We look forward to finishing a strong holiday with our partners.”

If any other merchants, networks or affiliates would like to have their positions posted, email me your responses and I’ll post them.

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