Porter Interviews Second Life Liberation Army Leader

wishingwell.jpgSpyware, malware, social memetic and all around universal researcher Wayne Porter was intrigued by attacks by the Second Life Liberation Army on advertising entities within Second Life such as the new Reebok Store.

Believe it or not, this mini-microcosm of over a million early adoption, hi-tech and attentive users does have implications for online marketing. The struggles, issues and situations being worked out on platforms such as Second Life or Digg will ripple out and help determine the shape of user interaction on the web as the online world (including the marketing part) continues to evolve.

The group’s site includes the following statement:

The SLLA’s demands are simple:

“The establishement of basic ‘rights’ for Second Life Players. Having consulted widely we now believe the best vehicle for this is for Linden Labs to offer public shares in the company. We propose that each player is able to buy one share for a set-price. This would serve both the development of the world and provide the beginnings of representation for avatars in Second Life.”

Porter actually found the leader of the clandestine and secretive group and interviewed them on their motives, intentions and general philosophy. They admit to attacks and defending avatar rights by claim not responsible for grey goo attacks which have led to a crippling of some parts of the Second Life economy, and given skeptics of the platform ample fodder for ridicule.

Interesting questions are asked at the end of the interview which do have some connection to the
“cost per” economy that online marketing has created such as: “Even in this new and incredible terrain are we destined to walk down the very same paths we have for centuries?”

Interview on Digg

Interview on ReveNews

Interview on wayneporter.com

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