Give Something Meaningful for the Holidays

My beautiful wife and I are contemplating the idea of having a baby in 2007, so the story of James Kim and his family’s ordeals still brings a river of tears to my eyes, even as I write this post.

My wife is a physician and spends an inordinate amount of time working in the hospital, so when we went out to dinner last Wednesday at our favorite restaurant here in Asheville, she had not heard about the Kim family ordeal and the discovery of James’ body as he was attempting to travel in the bitter cold of an Oregon winter to find help for his family.  As I tried to relate the story to her over our noodles and vegetables, I broke down thinking about one of our own tech-savvy colleagues and the ordeals he and his family must have gone through during those cold and lonely nights stranded in the wilderness.

I’ve been trying to find a way to donate or give something to the Kim family during the Holidays in order that these emotions and feelings of empathy might not go away in vain.  A friend passed along this link to

If you would like to forward on words of hope and encouragement to the Kim and Fleming families please send a note to and we will gather them up to pass on. Please send an email with your thoughts and prayers. We appreciate all of the thoughts and prayers and will pass along emails to the Kim and Fleming families. We will also be creating a time capsule for the girls, so that in their future they will know what a great man and a hero James was to his family. The capsule will include these emails, examples of James work at TechTV and CNet, and news reports about their dad.

So in the midst of all of our crass commercialization during the Holidays, please consider visiting the site and using the PayPal option to donate funds to the Kim family.  Send along the link and let others know that they can donate to the family there as well.

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  1. I had the privilege of working with James at TechTV. He was a kind, generous, caring and smart man. He was liked and respected by all who met him. This entire ordeal was so very tragic. I’m so sad that James’ wife and daughters won’t have him around as they grow older. However, I’m touched that the community as rallied around the Kim family so that James’ girls will know what kind of man their loving father was. James was a very special person and will be missed immensely.


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