“Make It Suck Less”

Jason Calacanis’ keynote from this year’s Search Engine Strategies in Chicago is worth a listen or two. Done in an interview style with Danny Sullivan, the keynote has been made famous for it’s “SEO is bullshit” declaration. While that is an interesting point to ponder, some of the other statements Jason made caught my attention as well. For example, near the end he says that his personal motto might be “make it suck less” in terms of internet platforms and programs.

Here’s the link to the interview in mp3 (made available by WebMasterRadio).

Jason got me thinking about my recent launch of CostPerJobs. I’ve put an incredible amount of work into the backend of the site and service, and I hope it shows when the site makes its formal Debutante Ball appearance (I’m from South Carolina where we still have such things).

When the formal interface makes its debut, I want the site to be something useful. I’m not as interested in monetizing the site as many people in the industry tell me I should be, but I’ve often considered job listings and helping connect people or businesses needing quality help with the people in online marketing who could provide that quality as lacking. Having been in the position of trying to find the next forward thinking company from an employee point-of-view, I know that it is lacking.

So, in order to make CostPerJobs suck less (even though you won’t see the completed project until Friday), I’d like for your help/input/insight into the following questions or any other topics you can think of to make this a valuable resource for our community:

  • Should I charge a fee for listings or make it a free service?
  • What features would you like to see on CostPerJobs (RSS, email subscriptions, keyword searching, etc)?
  • Should CostPerJobs look like CostPerNews or should it have its own distinctive appearance and interface?
  • How much of a role should automation play?
  • How could this site best be utilized for the improvement of our community?

Please share your feedback. I’m not interested in making millions or thousands off of the site, but I do want it to serve as a needed resource in our industry and community.

Come to think of it, use this as a chance to tell me how to make CostPerNews suck less. If there’s something you don’t like about the site, or something you wish was here, don’t hesitate to post it in the comments or send me an email.

Thanks so much!

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