Cramer on ValueClick and aQuantive

0205cramer.jpgDuring his “Lighting Round” picks last night (December 12), CNBC’s popular stock analyst and personality Jim Cramer included a short quip about two of online advertising’s biggest players…

aQuantive (AQNT): ‘AQNT and VCLK … These are companies that help the digital media transformation.’
ValueClick (VCLK): ‘These are companies that are beneficiaries of the fact that TV and radio and newspapers are losing… they’re winning.’

His comment on Cisco during that same segment was also interesting…

Cisco (CSCO): ‘ They’re best in show.’

I was hoping for more detail from him on his predictions for ValueClick. Their stock continues to soar after a downturn in July. They are attracting more and more attention as online advertising continues to eat into the once hegemonic grip of traditional styles of marketing and show increasing signs of ROI and flexibility.

Could this be signs of a major acquisition in the space in near future?

[Disclosure: I do not own stock in any of the companies above and this is opinionated commentary, not advice on stocks that you should purchase. ]

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