Sam Harrelson

Sam Harrelson

Blog Tag Game – Appropriate on Business Blogs?

Wayne Porter has posted some ground rules for including the virally spreading blog tag game on a ReveNews post.

To all Revenews Bloggers who want to post on the latest Tag Meme- we think the meme is wonder, beneficial and useful BUT WITHOUT APPROPRIATE CONTEXT OR GOALS- it is NOT APPROPRIATE AT REVENEWS.

Porter’s post raises an interesting and provoking question about what is actually acceptable and beneficial on a blog dealing with professional and business themes.  Are standards necessary for you to find value on such blogs or community blogging sites?

Heather Paulson writes about Porter’s insights and assimilates the issue with her own insights:

Five things I have learned about this tagged experience

1) Many bloggers are being tagged, and the phenomenon is wide spread throughout the internet

2) Viral marketing works!

3) There are many bloggers online who easily have access to each other, and news can spread quickly.

4) Messages and content can be misconstrued to sensitive audiences and information must be considerate even on a personal level concerning what those sensitivities might be especially on a collaborative or business blog.

5) The personal side of blogging is fascinating as we learn more (tidbits) concerning our fellow e marketers.

Kudos to Heather for raising the bar and using the tag meme game as a chance to explore the business related issues involved with this virally spread game, and blogging in general.  Her five points, rather than five insights about herself, point out the forward thinking that can be found within the realm of online and affiliate marketing.

Posted: 12.19.2006

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