Blog Tag Game – Appropriate on Business Blogs?

4 thoughts on “Blog Tag Game – Appropriate on Business Blogs?”

  1. I posted comments over there. Shawn brings up some good points. I actually liked them and apparently 4 other Revenews bloggers that participated liked them too. You get to know the people behind the blogs a little better. Nothing wrong with that. If you were going to put your foot down on what should and shouldn’t be on a professional blog, it would have been during Shmuly’s early blogs or stuff like:

    This Screech Sex Tape blog:

    Probably better on a personal blog. Actually probably better nowhere 🙂

    I also was going to post something about meme but Shawn did. I think you started that and now Jim or Wayne have it in almost every blog 🙂

  2. :: Hello ::

    Appreciate the comments and the insight into the events concerning the 5 things meme..

    Have a great night
    Heather Paulson

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