Sam Harrelson

Sam Harrelson

Matt Cutts on Pageviews and Rubel Says Google Digs Digg

The Holidays are in full swing here, but I wanted to give you two quality posts to check out if you have any down time this weekend…

Google’s Matt Cutts discusses page view data and defends Yahoo…

I want to come to Yahoo’s defense about something. A recent spate of reports says that Yahoo has been surpassed by various companies in terms of page views. Why is that relatively bogus? Because of Yahoo’s switch to AJAX for its mail. According to Alexa data, 49% of Yahoo visitors go to Everyone knows that I take Alexa data with a grain of salt, and that 49% fraction may be high, but Yahoo definitely gets a lot of traffic from Yahoo Mail. Yahoo’s new mail system uses AJAX. And how do the metrics companies handle AJAX? Typically, not well.

And Edelman’s Steve Rubel points out that Google is indexing social sites such as Digg in its blog search service.  What does that mean for SEO??  I’d argue it means a great deal

Despite the gripes about Google Blog Search and its inability to filter out spam, the site has been improving steadily. It now indexes lots of non-news content as long as it is published in a feed.

Don’t these people take a break from writing quality stuff on the Holiday weekends??  More after the eggnog kicks in…

Posted: 12.23.2006

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