Cost Per Ensemble

Is there a listening audience out there for a podcast of five or so forward thinkers in the online marketing world?

Would you be interested in hearing five or seven of us get together every week or month and letting the tape roll for an hour or three? If you’re interesting, you can join in too.

Jeff’s doing his thing with Weekly Insight, but I think there’s still room for something that’s a combination of more esoteric, more practical, more theoretical and more cowbell. This wouldn’t be “re-blogging (to quote Calacanis),” and another top stories type show, but would really provide some valuable content on what might or might not have made the news and the blogs that week.

Comments, suggestions and critiques encouraged.

Make some noise, let me know if this would be valuable and I’ll get put it together immediately.

3 Replies to “Cost Per Ensemble”

  1. The thing about podcasts, for me, is that I’m a very active listener. I have a hard time doing work and listening to something I’m interested in. Therefore, podcasts are a big time investment for me.

    I’m pretty sure it’s a guy thing. If NPR is on in the car, I MUST listen to it. My wife chats away happily ignoring the radio, while I struggle to comprehend either of them and have to tune one of them out. Usually my wife loses because I know I can get her to repeat what she said.

    The other thing about industry podcasts is that generally speaking, as a group, we’re not a very dynamic behind the microphone. That’s probably why most of us are sitting behind a keyboard.

    No offense to you podcasters out there. If you take that comment personally, then all I can say to that is truth hurts and keep on working at it. It’s a tough thing to do and regardless, you do have my respect.

    If you’ve got the gift of having something to say about online marketing AND say it in a way that’s engaging and entertaining, you’re a rare breed.

    Give it a go. I’d listen at least once. 😉


  2. What are some examples of podcasts that you find interesting yet entertaining? Something like TWiT?

    Thanks for the input!

    Really want to make this happen and be beneficial for all of us.


  3. yeah, TWiT is good. Reminded of this, I just listened to the most recent episode. Didn’t get much done for that hour, but was entertained for sure.

    A little closer to home, a few of the webmasterradio shows do pretty well. At risk of sounding like a groupie, I do like to listen to Shoemoney once in a while. He has some decent guests and he has improved enough to be tolerable. Strikepoint is good because those guys are a hoot. If you can decipher it, they also have some good SEO info. I enjoyed participting on a few of the GoodKarma shows, Greg is a lively host. Though I didn’t enjoy listening to myself so much.

    Because of time constraints, I don’t listen to anything regularly.


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