Affiliate Blog List v2


Scott Jangro has updated The Affiliate Blog List tool and it now includes the ability to create an account, leave comments and restricts multiple bumps or dumps (and I was just getting the hang of dumping all of Shawn’s posts)…

By adding a social aspect to what’s otherwise an RSS reader, I’m hoping that the truly-can’t-miss posts will bubble up to the top. So if you read a blog entry and like it, give it a bump, increasing the chances that others will see it too.

This is sorely needed.

So, go create an account, check out the site everyday (we all know you visit Digg every morning) and contribute to the community. If enough people start using what Scott has provided, some very good things could happen for both the readers and the content providers… not to mention we just might raise the tide and lift all boats in the affiliate marketing sea.

8 Replies to “Affiliate Blog List v2”

  1. > and I was just getting the hang of dumping all of Shawn’s posts

    No smilie? I’m devastated.


  2. thanks for the support, Sam!


  3. Gosh this industry needs a sense of humor! I can’t figure out which is greater — its a lack of ability to laugh at itself, desire to be taken seriously (i.e. like search is) or the sense of perpetual defensiveness. For the sake of its sanity, I hope things change and soon 🙂


  4. Thanks Sam, because I was so seriously hurt (glad the empathetic Jeff could tell) by your comment.

    I appreciate the smilie – it aids me greatly in my quest for self-validation.

    OK – time to come back from Bizarro World.


  5. It’s better in bizarro world.


  6. After all the Holiday hubub, it feels so good to have everything back to normal! I missed my daily spats.


  7. I really like the blog list; would be good if the code was opensourced too 😉


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