Finding Affiliates and Publishers the Web2.0 Way

2 thoughts on “Finding Affiliates and Publishers the Web2.0 Way”

  1. Interesting. Perhaps you might expand on how you used these platforms to do the recruiting? It sounds as if you simply use the “social” aspects of them to target, pre-qualify a bit and then reach out. Brilliant.

    Will web2.0 platforms begin to help networks and merchants discover new affiliates or publishers?

    Yes. As you know, David Delisle and I are launching a business that has a software tool at the center but also has social elements woven around it. Without getting into too many top secret details 😉 or getting promotional… in the end we are building what one could call “Web 2.0” or “social” elements into the service itself.

    What’s the best way to keep them engaged in your program when you find them?

    An “open source” environment (something that you like to think blog about!) is critical to keeping them engaged. If they feel that they’re part of something that THEY own and have (even partial) control over… well, that’s the secret sauce, Sam.

  2. Sounds like Jeff is talking about what Leadpoint ( does. LeadPoint is the ultimate iteration of Affiliate/Lead-Gen 2.0. They give the affiliates control over their form, their site, their brand and get the hell out of the way.

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